meals for children

Led by our kitchen manager, volunteers will prepare and package ready-to-eat meals and snacks that follow USDA guidelines to provide appropriate energy and nutrients for growing minds and bodies. 

Meals will be delivered to our partner programs by staff and volunteers, allowing children to be more focused and engaged in enrichment activities, and not be distracted by hunger or stress associated with securing their next meal. 

These meals will provide a much needed additional resource to children without any added costs, even decreasing costs for some programs, allowing resources to be used in other areas. We are also exploring other ways to distribute meals after school, on weekends and on holidays. 


nutrition and food skills education

Based on a curriculum of No Kid Hungry's Cooking Matters program, we will promote healthy habits and long-term food security by teaching children, families and caregivers how to make better choices using nutrition information, create a food budget and make smarter shopping decisions to cook delicious, affordable meals. 

We will also incorporate traditional education classes, hands on cooking classes, take home materials, and grocery store tours