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A Letter from our Founder

People may disagree about the severity of the outbreak we’re facing, but one thing we must all acknowledge is that we are living through a time of confusion and anxiety – and the truth is, people are suffering. Although we keep hearing children are the least vulnerable to the physical consequences of this illness, they are among the most vulnerable to the social and economic consequences this outbreak is causing. Many schools have extended spring break, and more school closure announcements will most likely come. Even if schools don’t officially close, many children are staying home out of caution. Many of these children rely on the meals provided at schools, and their absence from school coupled with the reduced wages their parents are facing from a decrease in hours at work makes getting enough food even more difficult.

Before founding Give & Take Kitchen, I felt overwhelmed by both the immensity of the problems our world faces and my own seeming inability to make even a small difference in the grand scheme of things. I had a realization one day that God doesn’t ask us to solve the world’s biggest problems by ourselves – we are asked to do what we can with what we have where He has placed us. So I set out to use the abundance of gifts He has blessed me with to do the best I could to make our part of the world a little better.

There have been obstacles along the way, and many times I found myself questioning if this was truly what God was leading me to do. Over the past few weeks, with the news becoming scarier every day and school closures looking imminent, I realize why He led me here - Give & Take Kitchen is now in a unique position to serve in this unprecedented situation.

I know so many of you feel the desire to do something. You want to donate food or your time, but you’ve been told that you shouldn’t leave your home if you don’t have to. It is now that I humbly ask for your support through monetary donations. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we will use every dollar contributed as effectively as possible to alleviate the suffering of our community’s most important asset – our children.

Please remember - the situation is urgent, and every dollar counts!

Thank you and God bless,

Kelsey Land Steffens

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